Food Naturalness and Health Publications

36 publications on Health related and Food Naturalness topics


Predicting How Consumers Perceive the Naturalness of Snacks: The Usefulness of a Simple Index. Food Quality and Preference (2021)

Corporate tensions and drivers of sustainable innovation: a qualitative study in the food industry. European Journal of Innovation Management (2021)


Food Naturalness Index (FNI): An integrative tool to measure the degree of food naturalness. In Trends in Food Science and Technology (2019)

Insights on snacking: a review from nutrition science and consumer trends. Scientific Abstract- Nutrition & Growth 2019


The impact of galactooligosaccharides on the bioaccessibility of sterols in a plant sterol-enriched beverage: Adaptation of the harmonized INFOGEST digestion method. Food and Function (2018)


The importance of food naturalness for consumers: Results of a systematic review. Trends in Food Science and Technology  (2017)

Adamdec1, Ednrb and Ptgs1/Cox1, inflammation genes upregulated in the intestinal mucosa of obese rats, are downregulated by three probiotic strains Scientific Reports  (2017)

Parents' concerns about infant weight and complementary feeding practices - an empirical nationwide study in Spain. Scientific abstract -  ESPGHAN 2017

Factors associated with parental pressure to eat among Spanish infants. Scientific abstract - ESPGHAN 2017


Pyrosequencing analysis reveals changes in intestinal microbiota of healthy adults who received a daily dose of immunomodulatory probiotic strains. Nutrients (2015)

Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-4034 and its culture supernatant modulate Salmonella-induced inflammation in a novel transwell co-culture of human intestinal-like dendritic and Caco-2 cells. BMC Microbiology (2015)

Modulation of intestinal mucosa gene expression of obese zucker-leprfa/fa rats by Bifidobacterium breve cncm i-4035, lactobacillus paracasei cncm i-4034 and lactobacillus Rhamnosus cncm i-4036. Scientific abstract - ESPGHAN 2015


Cell-free culture supernatant of Bifidobacterium breve CNCM I-4035 decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines in human dendritic cells challenged with Salmonella typhi through TLR activation. PloS One  (2013)

Isolation, identification and characterisation of three novel probiotic strains (Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-4034, Bifidobacterium breve CNCM I-4035 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM I-4036) from the faeces of exclusively breast-fed infants. The British Journal of Nutrition  (2013)

Safety and immunomodulatory effects of three probiotic strains isolated from the feces of breast-fed infants in healthy adults: SETOPROB study. PloS One  (2013)

An evaluation of cis- and trans-retinol contents in juices using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled to liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detection. Talanta  (2013)


Human intestinal dendritic cells decrease cytokine release against Salmonella infection in the presence of Lactobacillus paracasei upon TLR activation. PloS One (2012)

Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled to liquid chromatography for thiamine determination in foods. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2012)

Sterol stability in functional fruit beverages enriched with different plant sterol sources. Food Research International (2012)

Determination of benfothiamine in nutraceuticals using dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction coupled to liquid chromatography. Analytical Methods (2012)


Developmental delay in moderately preterm-born children at school entry. The Journal of Pediatrics (2011)

Placental transfer of fatty acids and fetal implications. Am J Clin Nutr (2011)

Stability of Pycnogenol® as an ingredient in fruit juices subjected to in vitro gastrointestinal digestion. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, (2011)

Stability of plant sterols in ingredients used in functional foods. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2011)


Fasting and postprandial relationships among plasma leptin, ghrelin, and insulin in prepubertal obese children. Clinical Nutrition  (2010)

Polyphenolic profile and antiproliferative activity of bioaccessible fractions of zinc-fortified fruit beverages in human colon cancer cell lines. In Vitro  (2010)

Maternal-fetal in vivo transfer of [ 13 C ] docosahexaenoic and other fatty acids across the human placenta 12 h after maternal oral intake. Am J Clin Nutr (2010)


Estimated intake levels of methylmercury in children, childbearing age and pregnant women in a Mediterranean region, Murcia, Spain. European Journal of Pediatrics  (2009)


Predictors of iron status in well-nourished 4-y-old children. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  (2008)

Changes in plasma fatty acid composition after intake of a standardised breakfast in prepubertal obese children. The British Journal of Nutrition(2008)


 Acute intake of phenolic-rich juice improves antioxidant status in healthy subjects. Nutrition Research (2006)

 Effects of polyphenolic antioxidants on exercise-induced oxidative stress. Clinical Nutrition (2006)

Ghrelin: a hormone regulating food intake and energy homeostasis. British Journal of Nutrition  (2006)


Assessment of body fatness in young children using the skinfold technique and BMI vs body water dilution. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition  (2004)


Total energy expenditure and physical activity level in healthy young Swedish children 9 or 14 months of age. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition  (2003)


Colour and anthocyanin stability of red raspberry jam. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture  (1998)