Nutrition is key

Start your baby's life with all the goodness you have

The birth of a baby is a gift of life. It's one of the most beautiful and extraordinary periods of your life. But from time to time it can also be very tiring and somewhat stressful as you settle into to your new responsibility and sleeping schedule. But don't worry. 
No one can take better care of your baby than you can. You've got one aim: to give the little miracle in your arms all the love, protection and goodness you can. And getting your little one off to a great start in life begins with nutrition. 


Breastfeeding is the best source of goodness and nourishment for your baby during the first months of life. Why is it so important and what to remember?


Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs for healthy growth and development. How it changes and what are key nutrients present in breast milk?


Did you know that milk fat is one of the most important nutrients naturally present in breast milk which plays a crucial role in baby's cognitive, brain and immune system development?