Infant Nutrition material for Experts

Early nutrition during the gestation and the first years of life, the so-called first 1000 days, has a key influence on health & development outcomes in later life. This includes the risk of suffering from obesity and related chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome later in life.

At Hero we believe the goodness of nature should be the basis of infant nutrition. For our infant formulas we use ingredients naturally present in breast milk and our baby foods are designed to offer a balanced and natural diet. We work with the freshest and most carefully selected ingredients. We do not add preservatives. We process our baby and toddler foods in such a way so as to conserve as much of their natural value and real taste possible - like nature intended.

We offer a new approach to infant and toddler nutrition and incorporate the latest scientific evidence to ensure that our infant and weaning foods support the development and healthy growth of babies and toddlers into healthy children and adults. We do this by working our Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition, and our Scientific Advisory Board constituted by an independent group of internationally reputed paediatricians and nutritionists.

Nutrition Today, Health Tomorrow