The Hero Institute of Infant Nutrition develops and offers online training on medical nutrition, quality, food safety, technology and many others for continuous training for our own teams. This is why we provide Training Programmes & Nutritional Education with latest developments in Infant Nutrition. If you have a specific need for a training or if you are interested in our training programs, you are welcome to contact us. 

Training Days for Paediatric Residents - Murcia, Spain

Two-day training annually organized since 2007 by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition for pediatricians.The lectures and workshops are led by renowned Spanish health and pediatric professionals.

Topics: Advances in Infant Nutrition, Gut microbiota,  Food allergies, Efficient communication with parents, Sugar consumption by infants, Circadian rhythms and nutrition, Clinical cases of pediatric gastroenterology

Hero Baby Oranjewoud conference, Netherlands

Annually recurring, two-day, scientifically advanced training for doctors working in youth health care (0-19 year). Organized by Hero Baby and a selected committee of specialists in youth health care, a pediatrician and a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Topics: Clinical benefits of milk fat and MFGM, Technological innovations and use of AI, Human movement science in young children, Networking.  

Annual Seminars on Paediatrics and Nutrition - Stockholm, Gotegorg, Malmo and Halmstad

Feb/March 2019 Seminars in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.

Annually scientifically advanced seminars for nurses, dietitians and doctors.

Topics: Small children's stomachs – the development from embryo to infant, Oral development and eating difficulties., Caries in children - the disease; how to prevent and treat

Jan 2020 seminar in Halmstad, Sweden

Specific scientifically advanced seminar focused on neonatal care  for doctors and nurses working in maternity hospitals and neonatal care.

Topics: Latest update on MFGM, Nutrition for premature babies, Partially hydrolyzed as a first-aid formula