Our Research

Research & Nutrition


We are a global function and community exploring and supporting the evolution of natural, sustainable and healthy foods, committed to advancing our Goodness of Nature (GON) mission and creating positive impact in the future of Hero and the planet. We explore, harness expertise, and inspire the organization to ignite game-changing innovation that bring our GON mission to life

In everything we do, we are discovering, analysing, and translating data into relevant insights within the boundaries of our knowledge areas. Its our job to translate unstructured knowledge into applicable recommendations for the company.

“ Our aim is to learn from science and make informed daily choices securing the wellbeing and health of our people and planet. ”

Our Knowledge Areas

We develop research projects with the mission of creating a world where food products are produced and consumed in a more healthy, natural, and sustainable way. Within each knowledge area we partner with top leading universities and industry leading companies to perform our ground-breaking research initiatives. We are also committed to work with young talented researchers to share their perspectives and support in our projects. We execute our research roadmap within 4 main knowledge areas:

Our Research Projects

Today, Hero Group Research & Nutrition carries out research in collaboration with several research centers and universities around the world in five main strategic knowledge areas in line with the mission of the Goodness of Nature: human milk, complementary feeding, food naturalness, minimal processing and  food sustainability.

Our Publications

Our research projects contribute to the vast amount of publications we publish in top leading journals. Our publications are an important point of reference for research fellows, students, experts and industry leaders.