Learning from Science to make naturally sustainable healthy food

About The Institute

We are a global network of experts connected through the knowledge we share and the passion to transform science into action and maximize impact to make a better world.

We believe that the progress depends on collective actions based on the co-creation and collaboration with academia, consumers, and industry which benefit the planet and the future of our society. 

With more than 80 years of experience in Infant Nutrition Research we guide the Hero Group companies around the world to develop innovative naturally sustainable healthy foods that contribute to growth and welfare.  

“Our aim is to create food products that have a positive impact on people as well as on the planet”

What we do

The Institute operates at the intersection of academic research and the real world (consumers and industry), researching and sharing scientific knowledge to build a collective intelligence on global health and sustainability issues. 

We work together with Universities, Hospitals, Health care professionals as well as with our External Scientific Advisory Board to design better products and share the knowledge for building a better future.    

We develop scientific reports & guidelines based on the latest scientific developments.